Reliance on technology

When I launched this blog back in early July, my plan was to post 5 days a week. I had a great schedule planned:

  • Monday: Obituary
  • Tuesday: Information about one of the family lines I’m researching
  • Wednesday: More of a free form post about different genealogy topics
  • Thursday: Upcoming events about genealogy / family history
  • Friday: News from the genealogy world

I added a topic for Saturday to post a photo.

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago my Chromebook crashed. I do nearly everything online with that thing, and my other computers currently have issues.

I store nearly everything in the cloud these days, so I didn’t lose any data. However, I did lose the ability to get posts up and other content out there.

Thankfully, last week I replaced my Chromebook with a new version and we’re now back on track.

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