The Thierman Family

The Thierman Family has always been very interesting to me, because it’s one of the few families so far that I’ve traced back that originates from somewhere other than the United Kingdom.

George Henry Albert Thierman, my 3rd Great Grandfather, was born in Hannover in Germany and then immigrated over to the United States.

George spent some time in Wisconsin before moving to California. Some of the Thierman family also spent some time in Iowa.

Military service: 

George Henry Albert Thierman – Civil War from 1861-1862

The direct ancestors I know: 

Kathleen H Thierman (Great Grandmother)

Thomas Hall Thierman (2nd Great Grandfather)

George Henry Albert Thierman (3rd Great Grandfather)

Jacob Thierman (4th Great Grandfather)

Johann H Thierman (5th Great Grandfather)

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