The Phillips Family

I was born a Phillips, so my connection to the Phillips surname is pretty strong.

I’ve currently traced the family back to the 1740s in Surry, Virginia.

The family lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and California.

My father lived in California for the first half of his life and then moved to Utah.

There are several members of the Phillips family that are veterans. They include:

  • Vernon Lee Benton Phillips – Korean War
  • Thomas Phillips – Revolutionary War

The direct ancestors I know:

  • Vernon Lee Benton Phillips (Father)
  • Vernon Benton Phillips (Grandfather)
  • Amos William Phillips (Great Grandfather)
  • Franklin Barron Phillips (2nd Great Grandfather)
  • Barham Phillips (3rd Great Grandfather)
  • Francis Holt Phillips (4th Great Grandfather)
  • Thomas Phillips (5th Great Grandfather)

Other members of the Phillips family:

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