The Berryman Family

My first connection to the Berryman family is via my mother. Berryman is her maiden name.

I’ve traced the family back to 1836 when my 3rd great-grandfather was born in Guildford, England.

My 2nd great-grandfather emigrated to the United States and lived in Illinois. My great grandfather moved to California, and my grandfather was born here. Aside from the time he served in World War II, my grandfather lived in California for his entire life.

There are several members of the Berryman family that are veterans. They include:

Richard Berryman – World War II

The direct ancestors I know:

JoAnne Berryman (Mother)

Richard Elwyn Berryman (Grandfather)

Bevan P Berryman (Great Grandfather)

Richard Berryman (2nd Great Grandfather)

John Berryman (3rd Great Grandfather)