Photo of the week – 11/21/15

This is a photo of the Gibson family – taken in the 1880s in Trempeleau County, Wisconsin.

Daniel Peter Gibson is my 2nd great grandfather and is in the back row – 2nd from the left.

William H Gibson and Jane McGregor – my third great grandparents – are seated in the middle in the front row.

William H Gibson Family

Photo of the Week – 7/25/15

Earlier this week, I shared a post about “Working Horizontally“.

This picture is a great example of doing that work.

This photo was taken on June 30, 1952 at the 50th wedding anniversary of James and Lillie Richards (the two people in the center).

I’m most connected to the woman on the far left. She’s my great aunt – Millie (Berryman) Richards. The rest of this family are all relatives of her husband — my great uncle.

It’s been awesome doing work on their genealogy and learning more about them.